Maybe something on toxicity of the jobs created by oil? The fact that most unconventional oil companies bring their employees with them, so they rarely provide jobs for locals. And studies show that renewable industries provide 2-9 times more jobs than fossil fuels.


Kern County has 30x more oil production than SB, but their unemployment rates are higher, their wages are lower, and their health is worse. 


Oil doesn't create many jobs. In SB County, it's less than 0.2% of SB County workforce, and it puts the rest of our economy (e.g., agriculture, tourism, technology) at risk. 


Oil tends to crowd out other industries. Do you risk 250,000 jobs for the sake of a few hundred at most?


Conventional oil production can continue. We just want to stop the toxic and dangerous kind. 


United Steelworkers has called for phase out of hydrofloric acid because it's so awful:


Each oil job costs us 201 tons GHG emissions per year. (see below) The federal government has calculated a social cost of carbon of $35/ton


That means for every oil job here, our nation bears $7035 a year in additional climate costs


Great article on the dangers exposed to workers in the fracking industry: