Santa Barbara County is under threat from extreme oil extraction.


The situation is urgent. Oil companies have identified thousands upon thousands of potential drill locations across our region -- from Santa Maria to Carpinteria.

This is not the conventional oil that we've been drilling for a hundred years. The only way to extract this oil is through the use of extreme techniques like fracking, acidization and steam injection. Join the fight to ban these dangerous techniques and protect our water, air, health and climate.

Applications for over 700 new wells are pending right now and it's just the beginning!



In 2014 a thousand regular people in Santa Barbara County, volunteering their own time and money, rose up and took on the largest and most powerful corporations on the planet.  We placed a measure on the ballot that would ban extreme, risky high-intensity oil extraction techniques that threaten to destroy our local environment and make global climate change worse. Chevron and other outside oil companies spent $7 million dollars--more than has ever been spent against a local ballot measure--to defeat Measure P. Why?  

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If the oil companies get their way, thousands of new wells will be drilled through our groundwater aquifers using intense heat and pressure that cause well casings to fail and leak, thousands of tons of pollutants will be released into the air, spills will increase, our politicians will be bought, our regulators corrupted, our health worsened and our economy damaged. Measure P was just the beginning. We must grow a movement strong enough to counter the biggest oil companies. We must build the clean energy economy of the future and reject the dirtiest, most polluting oil!

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